Westgate Laboratories Worm Egg Counts

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A worm count is really a worm egg count (also known as a faecal egg count). A small sample of dung is prepared using a centrifuge and examined under the microscope to find out how many worm eggs are present. You cannot see them with the naked eye. We test each sample twice.

Use the test to monitor your horses worm burden. He may not have worms at all. He may have many more than expected. Use the results to plan your worming strategy. We can help you to do this.

A worm count will allow you to treat your horse in a knowledgeable way. It will give you peace of mind over your worm control measures.

Kit includes : sample box, pre paid  padded envelope and informtion sheet for you to complete with your and your horses details.

What to do

1) order your kit online with us, make payment online

2) when the kit arrives, take a sample of your horses manure (fresh as possible) and put it in the sample box.  Fill in the sheet enclosed, and post both off in the pre paid padded envelope the same day.  (The Animal Medicine Chest recomends not to do this on a friday as post can be delayed over the weekend).  The fresher the sample, the more accurate your results will be

3) Westgate Laboratories will recive your sample and test it in their lab. 

4) The Animal Medicine Chest will recieve your results and will contact you to discuss them.  If there are egss present, our SQP's will discuss which products are suitable.  If not and there is no need to worm this time, we will advise when to next worm count or routine worm. 

Please note Encysted Redworm, Tapeworm and Bots DO NOT show in a Worm Count.  Please speak to one of our SQP's for further advice.  The Animal Medicine Chest offers worming programmes for yards and also yard talks on correct worming strategies.  Any worming queries pleaase get in touch, our SQP's will be more than happy to help.