Logic Oral Hygiene Gel

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Logic Oral Hygiene Gel contains a unique combination of 8 ingredients that attack bacteria within the mouth, helping to fight bad breath. In addition, a surfactant ensures the formulation is “sticky” and therefore that the active ingredient remains in contact with the teeth and gums. In addition, mild abrasives within the gel help to break down existing plaque and retard the formation of new plaque. Logic Oral Hygiene Gel also has an extremely palatable malt taste, making it very easy to administer in both dogs and cats.

How To Use:
Once daily administration, ideally after your pet’s last meal
Can be used with or without brushing

With Brushing:
Daily brushing is the single most effective means of removing plaque and is therefore highly recommended for optimal results
Every tube of Logic Oral Hygiene Gel contains a finger brush to aid application
To help compliance from a young age, brushing with Logic Oral Hygiene Gel should be started from 12 weeks of age.

Without Brushing:
If brushing isn`t possible, then Logic Oral Hygiene Gel can also be used without brushing. Options include:
Apply directly onto the teeth and gums using a finger and/or the applicator nozzle within each pack
For cats where access to the mouth isn`t possible, apply onto the top of the paw for the cat to lick off.