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Veloxa chewable tablets for dogs.1 tablet treats up to 10kg of bodyweight. Oral use. Broad spectrum anthelmintic for treatment of mixed infections by the following roundworms and tapeworms in dogs and puppies:

Ascarids:Toxocara canis, Toxacaris leonina (adult late and immature forms).

Hookworms:Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum (adults).

Whipworms:Trichuris vulpis (adults).

Tapeworms:Echinococcus spp., Taenia spp., Dipylidium caninum (adult and immature forms).

Use of product during pregnancy should be in accordance with a benefit risk assessment by the responsible veterinarian. It is recommended that the product is not used in dogs during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. The chewable tablets may be used during lactation.

Active ingredients: Febantel, Pyrantel embonate and Praziquantel.

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