Indorex Household Flea Spray 500ml

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Indorex Household Flea Spray is recommended by vets as being one of the most effective household flea sprays available.

The fleas you see on your pet are normally the tip of the iceberg. Most of a fleas' life is not spent on your pet but on the areas that your pet commonly visits, ie carpets, bedding, rugs etc. Care should be taken to treat all carpets and rugs, skirting boards and tiles, paying particular attention to any cracks and crevises. After spraying it is recommended that the room is closed up for half an hour and then ventilated for a further half hour. Indorex Household Spray will interupt the life cycle of the flea but you may see residual adult fleas appearing due to the chemicals being unable to kill off the pupa stage. An application of Indorex Household Spray will be active in your home for up to 1 year. One can is sufficient to cover 79sqm (the equivalent of a 3 bedroom house). Because Indorex Household Spray eliminates house dust mites, it can help human allergy sufferers, and alleviate allergic skin disease in your pet.

Active Ingredients:
Permethrin (rapidly kills adult fleas), Pyripoxyfen (controls growth of eggs and larvae from fleas and house dust mites) and Piperonyl Butoxide (reinforces the action of Permethrin).

This product is fatal to fish, crustacians and bees and must not be applied directly to your pet.

In order to be effective it will be necessary to treat any animals in the household for fleas and as fleas act as an intermediary host to tapeworm and effective worming treatment is also recommended.  Not for application to an animal