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Panacur Equine Oral Paste 18.75% w/w is a ready-to-administer, oral paste wormer for horses and other equines.  Each 24 g syringe contains 4.5 g fenbendazole.


For treatment of horses and other equines infected with immature and adult stages of roundworms found in the gut, including large redworm (Strongylus vulgaris, Strongylus edentatus) and migrating large redworm, benzimidazole-susceptible small redworm and encysted mucosal larvae, Ascarids, Oxyuris and Strongyloides species.  Panacur also kills roundworm eggs.

Dosage and administration

It is recommended that horses and ponies are routinely wormed with a single dose of this product every 6 to 8 weeks. In Late Winter or Spring, mass emergence of encysted mucosal small redworm from the horse’s gut can cause parasitic diarrhoea, mild recurring colic, weight and appetite loss and weakness.

To avoid this, it is recommended that horses are administered the 5-day Panacur treatment in the Autumn (ideally late October/November) and again in the Spring (ideally in February). All new horses whose worming history is unknown should also be administered the 5-day Panacur treatment.

Pregnant mares and young foals may also be safely treated with Panacur at the recommended dosage levels.

Routine treatment.  One syringe per 600 kg bodyweight as a single dose.  Administer the paste orally by squeezing onto the back of the horse’s tongue. Assess bodyweight as accurately as possible before calculating the dosage. The use of a ‘weigh band’ is recommended. It is not necessary to withhold feed before or after treatment.

Practical dosage recommendations



Routine treatment

Up to 100 kg

Miniature ponies

Syringe mark 100 kg

101-300 kg

Donkey, Shetland and other small

ponies, foals

Syringe mark 300 kg

301-400 kg

Dartmoor, New Forest, Welsh etc

Syringe mark 400 kg

401-500 kg

Light hunter, Arabs etc.

Syringe mark 500 kg

501-600 kg


1 syringe

601 kg and over

Heavy hunters, draught horses

1 syringe +

additional 100 kg

syringe marks for each extra 100 kg bodyweight


Increased dosing for specific infections

For the control of encysted small redworm and migrating large redworm larvae, administer one syringe per 600 kg bodyweight daily for 5 consecutive days.  For the control of diarrhoea caused by Strongyloides westeri, in 2-3 week-old suckling foals, administer one syringe per 90 kg bodyweight on a single occasion.  Studies have indicated that inhibited 3rd stage small strongyle larvae represent 50% of the total larval population in the horse.

Legal category POM-VPS - The datasheet for this product can be found here-

Not suitable for horses intended for human consumption

Under E.U legislation, in order for us to dispense this product your horse must have been declared 'not intended for human consumption' please send us a copy of the relevant section in your horses passport including the identity of your horse and the signed declaration that the horse will never be used for human consumption. You can e-mail, fax or post us a copy.