Pyratape P Oral Paste

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A ready to administer, light yellow coloured, oral anthelmintic paste for horses and other equines. Each 28.5g syringe contains 11.4g pyrantel embonate as active ingredient


A broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment of adult infections of large and small redworms, Ascarids and Pinworms found in the gastro-intestinal tract of horses, ponies and foals. Pyratape P also treats and controls tapeworm infection.

The broad spectrum activity includes: Large roundworms - Parascaris equorum,  Large strongyles - Strongylus vulgaris, S. edentatus, S. equinus,  Small strongyles - Trichonema spp. (Cyathostomes), Triodontophorus spp., Pinworms - Oxyuris equi, Probstmayria vivipara,  Tapeworms - Anoplocephala perfoliata

Dosage and administration

Administer orally, one syringe per 600kg bodyweight as a single dose (=19mg pyrantel embonate per kg bodyweight).

Control and treatment of Strongyles, Oxyuris and Parascaris:

Pyratape P should be used at a dose rate of 19 mg pyrantel embonate per kg bodyweight. The dosing programmes are as follows:  -Foals (1-8 months of age): dose every 4 weeks.  -Horses (over 8 months of age): dose every 6-8 weeks, but during the summer and autumn when at grass dose every 4-6 weeks. Always dose 3-4 days before turning out after in wintering.

-Suckler mares: It has been shown that reduction of strongyle challenge to the suckling foal at pasture can be achieved by using clean pasture (re-seeded or not grazed the previous year by horses), dosing the mare 3-4 days before turning out and then at intervals of 2-4 weeks until the end of Autumn. Ideally mares with foals should go out to ‘clean’ pasture or, if this is not possible, delay turning them out until June.

The prescribed amount of Pyratape P is deposited on the tongue of the animal and the animal allowed to swallow. The complete content of one syringe contains 11.4g pyrantel embonate (6 graduated doses of 1.9g) in 28.5g paste and is sufficient for the treatment of 600kg bodyweight. Each graduation of the syringe is sufficient for the treatment of 100kg body-weight.

Control and treatment of Anoplocephala (Tapeworm):

Pyratape P should be used at a dose rate of 38mg pyrantel embonate per kg bodyweight (i.e. twice the dose used for strongyles). The need for re-treatment may vary, but if considered necessary, should be carried out after an interval of 6 weeks.  To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible; accuracy of the dosing device should be checked.


Legal category POM-VPS - to view pyratape P datasheet click here



Contra-indications, warnings, etc

Not for use in foals less than 4 weeks of age.

Do not use in animals with known sensitivity to pyrantel and in severely debilitated animals.

Not suitable for horses intended for human consumption

Under E.U legislation, in order for us to dispense this product your horse must have been declared 'not intended for human consumption' please send us a copy of the relevant section in your horses passport including the identity of your horse and the signed declaration that the horse will never be used for human consumption. You can e-mail, fax or post us a copy.