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365 complete is a fantastic new feed balancer that contains all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that a horse needs to fulfill their dietary requirements plus much more. 365 complete contains all of these vitamins and minerals in a concentrated and highly absorbable form and no other product on the market can match the variety and levels of these nutrients. In addition to essential vitamins and minerals provided in a chelated form it also includes pre and pro-biotics (gut) MSM (joints, breathing, skin) and biotin (feet). Superb as an everyday supplement to help keep a horse in peak condition or as an aid to helping put condition on horses that are thin and underweight.

Ingredients: Micronised Linseed, dicalcium phosphate, limestone, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, organically bound minerals, sacchoromyces, cerivisae, MSM, inulin, fructooligosaccharide prebiotics, pro-biotics.