Germ Away 500ml

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Germ Away advanced Bio-Security control. Part of the Fly Away range. A powerful advanced bacterial control spray that kills 99.99% of all harmful bacteria in seconds. Proven effective against strangles, ringworm, MRSA, C-DIFF, E.Coli, Salmonella, Legionella and Listeria bacteria. Suitable for use in stables, horse boxes, lorry's, rugs and any hard surface including your tackroom. The advanced technology is not only effective within seconds, but maintains protection for up to 30 days. Added vanilla aroma combats everyday stable odours. For total barrier control use in conjunction with FLY FREE ZONE which is a powerful insecticide that kills all flying and crawling insects and can help prevent spread of disease.

Ingredients: Cationic surfacant, Non-ionic surfacant, Amphoteric surfacant, Polybiguanide, Sterizar active ingredients <5%