Equest Oral Gel Syringe 700kg

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Equest horse wormer is suitable for foals over four months and pregnant mares
One tube of Equest will treat a horse up to 700kg
The dosing interval of Equest is the longest of any horse wormer at 13 weeks
Do not use Equest on donkeys
Equest is the only horse wormer with a 2 week persistant action
Equest treats all common horse worms , including Bots (Bot fly larvae) and developing and inhibited encysted small redworms at the standard dose.
Equest is licensed to control benzimidazole resistant strains of cyathostomins.
Containing the active ingredient Moxidectin Equest is the first new molecule for a horse wormer since the introduction of ivermectin.
Use Pramox in conjunction with Equest every quarter for a years complete worming programme. Thats just four single doses a year, one for each season!
 Equest has no confirmed resistance in horses in the UK or Ireland.
 EQUEST is kind to the environment. With lower toxicity to dung dwelling insects than ivermectin-based wormers, insects can carry on cleaning the pasture of dung.

Do not use Equest for sick or debilitated horses

The datasheet for this product can be found here- http://www.vmd.defra.gov.uk/ProductInformationDatabase