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Buster Tablet Introducer
Buster Tablet Introducer An easy to use applicator for administering tablets for cats safely and ..
Ex Tax: £1.25
Cleanaural Dog Ear Cleaner 100ml
  CleanAural Dog Ear Cleaner is a mild and pH balanced ear cleaner, containing a specially f..
Ex Tax: £8.39
Cleanaural Dog Ear Cleaner 50ml
  CleanAural Dog Ear Cleaner is a mild and pH balanced ear cleaner, containing a specially f..
Ex Tax: £6.30
Equilyptus 365 1l
Protection for your horse, stable yard and transport. When sprayed on the affected area Equilyptus36..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Hypocare Cuts and Wounds 150ml
For unparalleled defence against pathogens that can invade open wounds, Hypocare Cuts & Wounds i..
Ex Tax: £4.66
Lactol Milk Feeding Set
The Lactol Milk Feeding Set by Sherley's is the perfect complement to the Lactol Milk Supplement for..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Logic Oral Hygiene Gel
  Logic Oral Hygiene Gel contains a unique combination of 8 ingredients that attack bacteria..
Ex Tax: £6.63
Manuka Honey 100g
Active manuka honey is a totally natural antibacterial cream containing 25% of 16+ UMF (activity fac..
Ex Tax: £10.42
O'Tom Tick Remover
The original O'Tom Tick Twister for removing ticks Use on all animals and on humans for safe re..
Ex Tax: £2.71
Otodex Ear Drops 14ml
Otodex Ear Drops act quickly to clear wax, relieve scratching, and kill ear mites. It contains a wax..
Ex Tax: £2.72
Pet Remedy Calming and De-Stressing Spray 200ml
A unique product of Valerian essential oil, blended with Vetivert, Basil Sweet & Sage Ju..
Ex Tax: £13.75
Pet Remedy Mini Spray 15ml Calming and De-Stressing
  A new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety using slow release technology A..
Ex Tax: £3.38
Pet Remedy Natural Calmer & destresser Plug In
  Natural De-stressing & Calming plug-in diffuser Plug in and you will notice a differe..
Ex Tax: £15.00
Vetasept Chlorahexidine Surgical Scrub 500ml
Hibitane based antibacterial suitable for cleaning minor wounds and for personal hygiene. COMPOSI..
Ex Tax: £5.42
Vetwrap Cohesive Bandage
An elastic bandage which is strong and provides support, the original cohesive bandage Available ..
Ex Tax: £2.50
Virbac Allermyl Shampoo 200ml
Shampoo for cats and dogs Soothes skin damaged by allergic reaction. Maintains the integrity..
Ex Tax: £12.50