About Veterinary Medicines

Our Team is headed up by Mr Joseph Anthony Schofield Superintendent Pharmacist at Flagg Court Pharmacy Ltd (Flagg Court Pharmacy Ltd, Flagg Court Primary Care Centre, Dale Street, South Shields, NE33 2LX)

Mr Schofield is a long established community pharmacist, at the heart of the community in Flagg Court since 1989.  He qualified as a pharmacist in 1977. Both the pharmacy premises registration and Mr Schofield's registration with the GPhC can be found at the below link.


The staff that work in The Animal Medicine Chest are Suitably Qualified Persons  (SQP) registered with the Animal Medicines Training and Regulation Authority (AMTRA).

An SQP is a category of professionally qualified persons who are entitled to prescribe and/or supply certain veterinary medicinal products under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.  It is the duty of an SQP to ensure that the statutory requirements in respect of the prescription and/or supply of certain veterinary medicinal products are respected. The SQP is responsible for ensuring this irrespective of how the product is supplied, e.g. supply from a registered retail premises, postal supply, from a website etc.

An SQP is entitled to prescribe and/or supply specific categories of product that fall within the scope of the qualification they have obtained and the registration they hold (see below).   The range of veterinary medicinal products available for SQPs to prescribe and/or supply fall within the following distribution classifications:

The list of registered SQP’s can be found at http://www.vmd.defra.gov.uk/registers/sqpregister.aspx

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Complaints regarding Veterinary Medicines

Customers should only make a complaint to The Veterinary Medicines Directorate if their complaint relates to a veterinary medicine and they have already complained to the Animal Medicine Chest and not received a satisfactory reply.  A link to their website and contact details can be found here http://www.vmd.defra.gov.uk/business/contact.aspx